EFEYCE INTEGRALES, your partner in cybersecurity

About EFEYCE Integrales

With more than fifteen years of experience EFEYCE Integrales S.A.S is a solid IT cyber security company, with successful experience in Cyber Security, Infrastructure, Business Continuity and IT Outsourcing projects and services.

Our talent and knowledge allow us to help organizations not only from a technical perspective, but we understand that computer security is a transversal axis within organizations, which will help you protect your most valuable asset (Information) and improve your competitive level within the market.

Our headquarters is in the Bogotá, but we have presence to develop our operations throughout the national territory, we carry out implementations and develop projects in cities such as Cali, San Andrés, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Medellín, Villavicencio, Popayán, Ibagué, Cúcuta, among others


IT Profesional Services

EFEYCE Integrales offers you the highest level of professional services in the market. Complete catalog of services from different manufacturers and their technologies. 

  • Remote and insite deployments. 
  • Advanced settings. 
  • Migrations and upgrades. Consulting and project management.
  • Team of consultants and technicians certified in each platform. 
  • You’ll pay only for the services you need, when you need them


  • Have a corporate infrastructure that allows us to provide services throughout the national territory and with international development.
  • Have a team of highly qualified people, in constant training.
  • Have a structure that allows us to adapt to situations, being fast, agile and flexible in solutions.
  • Provide maximum benefit for our customers; The best working conditions for our team and high profitability for our shareholders.


  • Make EFEYCE Integrales S.A.S. in the medium term the Partner of choice in solutions and services of value, being the reference for its suppliers, customers and employees.
  • To be a disruptive company in Security with national recognition in value generation in the segment of computer security systems, Infrastructure, Business Continuity, IT Outsourcing and New Technologies, with a culture of service in compliance, responsibility and quality

Core Values

  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty and commitment Efficiency

We are Cybersecurity

EFEYCE Integrales offers a complete catalog of specialized professional services. With our support you will have the best service for the development of your IT projects